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HDPE Waterproof Tarpaulin Roll

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Client Bank Of England
Location London
Scope Of Work Planning, Construction
Schedule 2012-2015
Architect David Jones

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Product Description

We are offering HDPE Waterproof Tarpaulin Roll. We have two coating machines, one with maximum coating width of up to 122 inches/310 cm. and another one with maximum coating width of up to 75 inches/190 cm. We offer both one side as well as both side coated fabrics. The minimum width of laminated/coated fabrics can be as per your requirement with blade cut edges and the maximum we can offer is up to 120 inches/305 cm. Width bigger than 120 inches (305 cm) can be made by heat sealing the panels of laminated fabrics. Our range of laminated fabrics starts from 70 GSM (2.05 oz/square yard) to 400 GSM (11.7 oz/square yard).We specialize in manufacturing five and seven layer sandwich fabrics i.e. 2 layers of fabric and 3 layer of lamination 3 layers of fabric and 4 layer of lamination respectively; the structure of the layers of the sizes fabric is like this (Lamination + Fabric + Lamination + Fabric + Lamination) and (Lamination + Fabric + Lamination + Fabric + Lamination + Fabric + Lamination) respectively. We can offer fabrics wherein additives like Color Master Batch, U.V. Stabilizer, and Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor etc. are required to be incorporated in the lamination as per your requirement. Roll length of your choice can be offered.

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