Minerals used in making paper, a practice known for a long time. Because of its close relation to the past since the acid papermaking, and talc kaolin clay has been the basic ingredients. However, calcium carbonate in a low-cost and abundant in nature, with high whiteness and shape of particles of about 40 years ago romboedrik acid, neutral and alkali to return to the main factors in the production process. Increasingly widespread use of calcium carbonate, the most important in the process of making today's paper as a filler and coating pigment is accepted. Calcium carbonate, high-level white paper in exchange for very reasonable prices, opacity, brightness, and provides a good printing properties. Thanks to the high mineral content of the paper with no reduction in its strength dramatically reduced the amount of fibrous raw material.

Calcium carbonate production of the use of positive affect. Paper machines run faster and dries out faster than paper. In this way, saving energy. This is why today almost all paper and paperboard products has become a natural calcium carbonate to give. SURFACE VIEW: Fill the addition of agents, paper manufacture ensures a better end product. Fill cracks and pores of materials collected and uncoated paper, more properly, creates a smooth surface.

Smoothness: a sense of smoothness to the touch surfaces of high-quality paper that provides advanced printing features.

VISUAL FEATURES: The paper used in producing calcium carbonate gives better brightness and opacity properties.




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