Calcium carbonate in paints and coatings need to pass as the main filling materials. Fineness and particle-size distribution affects örtücülügünü coatings. Calcium carbonate also high brightness, low oil absorption, easy dagilabilme, weather conditions, durability, low abrasion, low electrolyte content, pH-balancing effects, advanced anti-corrosion and provides features that add value, such as rheological properties.
Calcium carbonate industry, marked by coating the interior of the doubt emulsion paints. Calcium carbonate, on the critical pigment volume concentration of the emulsion paints formulated örtücülügüne contribute.
The interior emulsion paints Up to 60%
Exterior emulsion paints Up to 50%
Brushing enomelleri Up to 15%

Natural calcium carbonate, an alkaline pH-value and low in fat absorption features. These important features are ideal conditions for coatings and coating materials. Calcium carbonate, high brightness, and brightness to be maintained for a long time to have features such as the need has become a component suitable for top coats. In other applications, such as powder coating provide adjustment of the degree of brightness.
Powder Coatings 5-20%
Industrial Coatings 5-20%
Lining 5-20%
Inks Up to 15%
Paints for road signs 30-50%




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